Terms of Service (TOS)

By using Hypjobs, you agree to the following terms:

1. Content

Website content: All the jobs contained in Hypjobs's search results, or linked from those results, have been provided by external websites, our partners, or third-party employers and/or recruitment agencies over whom Hypjobs exercises no control. Hypjobs automatically indexes all the jobs from external sources and assumes no responsibility for the content of any job listing.

Email alert content: By providing your resume/CV and/or email address to Hypjobs, you agree to allow Hypjobs to send you occasional email alerts when new jobs matching your resume become available. These alerts may link to our partners or to Hypjobs's website. You may fully unsubscribe from these alerts at any time.

Resume availability: By providing your resume/CV to Hypjobs, you agree to allow Hypjobs to make your resume available to potential employers. You can revoke access to your resume at any time by creating an account and deleting your resume from your account.

2. Service

Hypjobs provides its search platform for personal (non-commercial) job seekers. If you wish to make commercial use of Hypjobs’s platform, you must enter into an agreement with Hypjobs.

3. Liability

Hypjobs is not liable for any kind of physical, financial or psychological damage caused by the use of our search service. If you find content on Hypjobs’s website that could be potentially harmful, please contact us. Our team will investigate and take action to fix the problem swiftly.

4. Guarantee

Hypjobs's team is working hard to maintain a high quality of indexed jobs. Because we index a lot of content, we cannot guarantee the validity and genuineness of all the jobs we index. If you find any jobs that look "spammy", "fishy" or "expired", please contact us. Our team will investigate and take action to fix the problem swiftly.

5. Indexing of Hypjobs

We do not allow the automatic indexing/crawling of Hypjobs's search results outside of the rules provided by our robots.txt file. (See Hypjobs.com/robots.txt)

6. Changes in Terms of Service

Hypjobs’s terms of use may change in the future, at Hypjobs’s discretion. Any changes will be announced on this page.


1. Protection

We continuously test our system for potential breaches. We have dedicated resources monitoring our servers for any potential intrusions or hack attempts. We use SSL when necessary and have strict access control policies within our organization. We use Firewall on sensitive servers and run anti-virus programs regularly. No system is 100% secure, so we dedicate resources to ensure that we minimize the risk of leaks, breaches, or hacks.

2. Links

As a search engine, most clicks will forward users to the source website. We do our best to remove sources containing malware, excessive advertising, phishing strategies, or any other method potentially harming our users or degrading their job search experience. If you run into a link that contains any of these qualities, please contact us. We will investigate and take action swiftly.

3. Cookies

Hypjobs uses cookies. “Cookies” are text-based files that a server (Hypjobs) and a browser (YOU) share to keep track of certain events or preferences. Cookies are temporary and anonymous, and can be deleted from your browser at any point. Hypjobs uses cookies for the following:

Simplify your subscription to email alerts. The email address is stored for up to 1 month, so you don't have to re-enter it every time you subscribe to a new alert.

Analytics. Allows us to keep statistics on visitors sources. For example, other websites visitors come from. This data is automatically purged after 1 hour.